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The Recovery

Voices of action towards sustainable healthcare


In this podcast series, we will explore the many challenges facing the sustainability of healthcare and talk to extraordinary healthcare researchers, doctors, and activists from around the world, who are pushing for a shift towards a new paradigm to improve our health, well-being, and climate.

We will talk about everything from an evolutionary patient revolt, challenging professional norms in medical practice, and the widespread use of low-value care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, where the problem of waste is a great challenge to healthcare systems. These new emerging initiatives will be explored in our podcast episodes hosted by Ray Moynihan, journalist and researcher at Bond University, and Fiona Godlee, editor in chief, The BMJ

Fiona Godlee and Ray Moynihan

The episodes

Read opinion piece about The Recovery podcast

Read an opinion piece by each of the interviewees featured on The Recovery podcast, talking more about their work

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The Recovery—a podcast about action for sustainable healthcare
Minna Johansson, Fiona Godlee and Ray Moynihan explain more about the background to the podcast

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How doctors are betraying the Hippocratic oath
There are many respects in which the modern medical system is not fit for purpose and poses a threat to human health, write Ian Harries and Rachelle Buchbinder

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Designing an ecological approach to health
Gillian Orrow describes how we can cultivate personal, population, and planetary health


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Remembering the mission on healthcare’s path to decarbonisation
Healthcare decarbonisation is a crucial step on the path to the goal of global decarbonisation, writes Renee Salas

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