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Doctor Informed: beyond medical knowledge

A podcast for hospital doctors

Medical expertise is fundamental to the practice of medicine. But other skills and knowledge are important too. Doctor Informed is the podcast for hosptial doctors to talk about the things that are affecting their work lives, from working with colleagues to the way the government talks about their skills. Brought to you by The BMJ  and sponsored by Medical Protection.


The Team

Clara Munro
Clara Munro is a trainee surgeon in Newcastle, and an associate editor for The BMJ, with a first degree in sociology, she leads the discussion with other trainees from around the UK, and beyond. Each episode, we're also joined by experts to help contextualise what's happening in hospitals, and who can help you understand what you're experiencing.

Series one also featured Graham Martin, director of research at THIS Institute. Graham’s research interests are in the organisation and delivery of healthcare, and particularly the role of professionals, managers and patients and the public in efforts at organisational change.


Produced and edited by

Duncan Jarvies and Dom Byrne

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