Intended for healthcare professionals

Doctor Informed: beyond medical knowledge

A podcast for hospital doctors

Medical expertise is fundamental to the practice of medicine. But other skills and knowledge are important too. Doctor Informed gives the inside story on the evidence about giving the best care and having positive relationships with patients and colleagues.

Created in collaboration with THIS Institute, and sponsored by Medical Protection.


The Team

Clara Munro is a trainee surgeon in Newcastle, and an associate editor for The BMJ, and Graham Martin is director of research at THIS Institute

Clara has trained in the NHS, and has seen first hand some of the problems discussed in the podcast, and Graham’s research interests are in the organisation and delivery of healthcare, and particularly the role of professionals, managers and patients and the public in efforts at organisational change. Primarily a qualitative researcher, he has long experience of undertaking research and evaluation in relation to healthcare improvement, from major policy-driven programmes to locally led initiatives. Together, in Doctor Informed, Clara and Graham will be joined by experts from around the world, to shed light on the issue, and discuss potential solutions and practical tips

Produced and edited by

Duncan Jarvies

The episodes