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Covid-19: The road to equity and solidarity

The covid-19 pandemic is a stark reminder of the importance of equity and solidarity. As we move forward, it is vital that we explore the drivers of the pandemic, learn from the global response, and become more prepared for the future.

This collection of articles analyses some of the major global issues arising from the pandemic, including the political economy of the response, the role of international institutions, overwhelmed health systems, the role of social determinants, the value of indices of preparedness, and the need for all countries to act together to reduce inequality, protect health, and organise a more effective response to climate change.

Are overwhelmed health systems an inevitable consequence of covid-19? Experiences from China, Thailand, and New York State
Drawing on international experiences, Viroj Tangcharoensathien and colleagues argue that immediate extensive action to contain local transmission of new infectious diseases protects health systems from being overwhelmed

Solidarity and universal preparedness for health after covid-19
Göran Tomson and colleagues argue that our ability to control pandemics requires global action to counter inequalities from demographic, environmental, technological, and other megatrends
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Political economy of covid-19: extractive, regressive, competitive
The political economy of covid-19 reflects longstanding patterns of resource extraction linked to racial discrimination, marginalisation, and colonialism, write Jesse Bump and colleagues

International collaboration and covid-19: what are we doing and where are we going?
The mixed patchwork of achievements and mis-steps in responding to covid-19 show powerful nations are not living up to their commitment to solidarity and equity, argue Jesse Bump and colleagues

Explaining covid-19 performance: what factors might predict national responses?
Fran Baum and colleagues discuss the factors that affected prediction of the success of national responses to covid-19 and will influence future pandemic preparedness
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Covid-19—a rehearsal to build a greener and healthier society
Maria Nilsson and colleagues argue that reducing the severe health risks from the climate crisis requires political commitment and funding like that mobilised to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2

Covid-19 pandemic and the social determinants of health
Lauren Paremoer and colleagues call for action to create a fairer and more sustainable post-covid world

Preventing the next pandemic: the power of a global viral surveillance network
Dennis Carroll and colleagues call for a global early warning system to detect viruses with pandemic potential
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This collection of articles launched at the Prince Mahidol Awards Conference (PMAC) in January 2021. Funding for the articles, including open access fees, was provided by PMAC. The BMJ commissioned, peer reviewed, edited, and made the decision to publish these articles. David Harper and an expert panel that included PMAC advised on commissioning for the collection. Rachael Hinton and Kamran Abbasi were the lead editors for The BMJ.

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