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Migration and health

Anti-immigrant rhetoric permeates today’s political discourse and soaks through much of society. In this highly politicized context, dominated by debates on immigration and border control, understanding and tackling what affects the health of migrants, their families, and communities is often overlooked and underserved. These gaps in understanding the relation between migration and health remain a challenge that policymakers, practitioners, civil society, and researchers must collectively embrace.

The BMJ’s migration health series aims to provide insights and perspectives by researchers, policymakers, practitioners, civil society, and migrants themselves on issues, challenges and complexities in advancing migration health. The series is being developed in collaboration with the UN’s Migration agency (IOM) and the Migration Health and Development Research Network (MHADRI) – a global network of migration health researchers.

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Improving the health of migrants
Toxic narratives complicate rational debates and hinder workable solutions, by Kolitha Wickramage, Paul Simpson & Kamran Abbasi


Building alliances for the global governance of migration and health
Health governance has an important role in dealing with global migration, argue Jo Vearey and colleagues

Healthcare is not universal if undocumented migrants are excluded
Helena Legido-Quigley and colleagues examine the barriers that migrants face in accessing healthcare and argue they are counterproductive for host countries

Towards inclusive migrant healthcare
Denise Spitzer and colleagues argue that improving the health and wellbeing of migrants requires attention to their diverse circumstances and building inclusive healthcare

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