Table 2

Types and frequency of user data shared with third parties in traffic analysis

User data typeExplanationNo (%) of apps sharing*
Device nameName of device (eg, Google Pixel)15 (63)
OS versionVersion of device’s Android operating system10 (42)
BrowsingApp related activity performed by user (eg, view pharmacies, search for medicines)9 (38)
Email†‡User’s email address9 (38)
Android ID†‡Unique ID to each Android device (ie, used to identify devices for market downloads)8 (33)
Drugs list‡List of drugs taken by user6 (25)
Name/Last name†‡User’s name and/or last name5 (21)
Time zoneTime zone in which device is located (eg, GMT+11)5 (21)
Connection typeCellular data or wi-fi4 (17)
Medical conditions‡Users’ medical conditions (eg, diabetes, depression)4 (17)
Birthday‡User’s date of birth3 (13)
Device ID†‡Unique 15 digit International Mobile Equipment Identity code of device3 (13)
SexUser’s sex3 (13)
CarrierMobile network operator, provider of network communications services (eg, AT&T)2 (8)
CountryCountry in which device is located (eg, Australia)2 (8)
Coarse grain location‡Non-precise location. Usually city in which device is located (eg, Sydney)2 (8)
Drug instructionsInstructions related to user’s drugs (eg, orally, with food)2 (8)
Drug scheduleTimes for drug administration (eg, 8 pm, in the morning)2 (8)
Personal conditions‡Users’ personal conditions (eg, smoker, pregnant)2 (8)
Personal factors‡Includes user’s anthropometric measurements or vital signs (eg, height, weight, blood pressure)2 (8)
Symptoms‡User’s symptoms (eg, headache, nausea)2 (8)
Doctor’s name‡Name of the user’s doctor1 (4)
Doses‡Dose of user’s drug (eg, 100 mg aspirin per day).1 (4)
FeelingsUser’s current feelings (eg, happy, sad, anxious)1 (4)
Pharmacy name‡Information about user’s favourite pharmacies (eg, name, location)1 (4)
  • * Total number is 24; percentages do not add to 100% as apps could share multiple types of user data.

  • Unique identifier.

  • May be considered personal data under the General Data Protection Rules—that is, “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.”18