Table 3

Number of events and hazard ratios for non-fatal coronary heart disease (CHD) and non-fatal stroke by levels of lifetime alcohol consumption (g/day), accounting for former drinkers

CharacteristicNon-fatal CHDNon-fatal stroke
EventsHazard ratio (95% CI)EventsHazard ratio (95% CI)
Former drinkers*6151.24 (1.05 to 1.46)2531.27 (1.04 to 1.54)
Never drinkers5801.17 (1.00 to 1.38)3051.14 (0.95 to 1.37)
0.1-4.915711 (ref)7911 (ref)
5.0-14.918000.89 (0.80 to 1.00)10240.98 (0.86 to 1.11)
15.0-29.911020.79 (0.69 to 0.90)6851.01 (0.87 to 1.17)
30.0-59.96980.74 (0.64 to 0.86)4281.08 (0.90 to 1.30)
≥60.03310.75 (0.62 to 0.91)1791.12 (0.88 to 1.44)
P value<0.0010.736
12 g/day increase0.97 (0.94 to 0.99)1.03 (1.00 to 1.06)
P value for trend0.0080.034

Models were stratified by centre and sex, and systematic adjustment was undertaken for age at recruitment, body mass index, height, physical activity, smoking status, and history of hypertension. Analyses were conducted among participants with available information on lifetime alcohol intake.

  • * Defined as lifetime drinkers who were non-drinkers at baseline.

  • P value for the Wald test statistics compared with a χ2 distribution with four degrees of freedom, not including the categories of former and never drinkers.

  • P value for lifetime alcohol consumption modelled as continuous variable, with inclusion in the model of an indicator variable expressing alcohol consumption, and exclusion of former drinkers.