Table 1

Studies on US death rates from medical error since the 1999 IOM report and point estimate from pooled results

Study Dates coveredSource of informationPatient admissionsAdverse event rate (%)Lethal adverse event rate (%)% of events deemed preventableNo of deaths due to preventable adverse event% of admissions with a preventable lethal adverse eventExtrapolation to 2013 US admissions†
Health Grades112000-02Medicare patients37 000 0003.10.7*NR389 5760.71251 454
Office of Inspector General122008Medicare patients83813.51.444120.62219 579
Classen et al1320043 tertiary care hospitals79533.21.110091.13400 201
Landrigan et al142002-0710 hospitals in North Carolina234118.10.663140.38134 581
Point estimate from all data 2000-080.71251 454‡

NR=Not reported.

*All were considered preventable.

†Total number of US hospital admissions in 2013 was 35 416 020.10

‡Total number of people who died from a preventable lethal adverse event calculated as a point estimate of the death rate among hospitalized patients reported in the literature extrapolated to the reported number of patients hospitalized in 2013.