Table 2

 Regression coefficients (95% confidence intervals) for relation* between avoidable death proportion and two hospital-wide standardised mortality ratio (SMR) metrics, the hospital standardised mortality ratio (HSMR) and the summary hospital level mortality indicator (SHMI)

Sample of trusts HSMRSHMI
Regression coefficient (95% CI)P valueRegression coefficient (95%CI)P value
Overall (n=34)0.3 (-0.2 to 0.7)0.230.3 (-0.3 to 1.0)0.29
2009 (n=10)0.1 (-0.1 to 1.3)0.82-0.02 (-1.0 to 0.6)0.56
2012/13 (n=24)0.3 (-0.2 to 0.7)0.260.5 (-0.4 to 1.3)0.24

*Regression coefficient can be interpreted as percentage point increase in avoidable death proportion for 10 point increase in SMR.