Table 3

 Secondary outcomes at end of whole follow-up* in adults with recurrent streptococcal A pharyngitis randomised to waiting list (control) or immediate tonsillectomy. Figures are means (SDs)

OutcomeControl (n=34)Tonsillectomy (n=36)P value†
Medical consultations for episodes of pharyngitis 0.9 (1.1)0.1 (0.3)0.002
All episodes of pharyngitis 2.1 (2.3)0.6 (0.9)0.001
Days with sore throat‡12.1 (14.1)3.2 (5.3)0.002
Days with fever2.8 (3.9)0.6 (1.5)0.01
Days with rhinitis7.6 (11.9)6.3 (7.1)0.55
Days with cough2.6 (5.5)2.6 (3.3)0.17

*Mean length of follow-up 164 days (SD 63) in control group and 170 days (SD 12) in tonsillectomy group.

†Mann-Whitney U test.

‡Not including postoperative throat pain in tonsillectomy group.