Table 2

Baseline characteristics of non-smoking* bar staff enrolled in both baseline and follow-up surveys. Values are medians (interquartile ranges) unless stated otherwise

Republic of Ireland (n=138)Northern Ireland (n=20)P value
Age (years)45.5 (35.0-54.9)36.1 (20.9-43.8)<0.001
No (%) of women23 (17)5 (25)0.36
Time working in current bar (years)9 (4-22)2 (1.0-9.5)0.002
Hours worked/week in current job40 (39.0-50.0)40 (21.0-58.8)0.46
No (%) with history of asthma diagnosed by physician15 (11)1 (5)0.70
No (%) currently receiving asthma prescription9 (7.9)00.35
  • * Non-smoker defined as participants who said they did not smoke or had given up and had salivary cotinine concentrations <113.6 nmol/I. Excludes participants who changed smoking status between surveys.

  • † P value for comparison of medians (Wilcoxon rank sum test) and categorical variables (Pearson χ2 or Fisher's exact test) at baseline and follow-up.