Table 3

Clinical and parasitological outcomes of treatment for patients with cerebral malaria in the two treatment arms. Values are means with standard deviations

Outcome in hoursArtemether (n=45)Quinine (n=42)P value* (Student's t test)
Parasite clearance time54.2 (33.6)55.0 (24.3)0.48
Fever clearance time33.2 (21.9)24.1 (18.9)0.08
Time to regaining consciousness30.1 (24.1)22.7 (18.5)0.10
Time to starting oral intake37.9 (27.0)30.3 (21.1)0.14
Time to sitting unsupported51.7 (30.8)43.5 (29.3)0.22
  • * The difference of clinical and parasitological outcomes between intravenous quinine and rectal artemether did not reach significance.