Suggested phrasing for giving brief advice to smokers
• “The best thing you can do for your health is to stop smoking, and I would advise you to stop as soon as possible.”
• “Tobacco is very addictive, so it can be very difficult to give up, and many people have to try several times before they succeed. Your chances of succeeding are much greater if you make use of counselling support, which I can arrange for you, and either nicotine replacement therapy or the antismoking drug Zyban [bupropion], which I can prescribe for you if you wish.”
• “If you are ready to try to give up smoking now, then the best thing is to see a counsellor as soon as possible, and I can arrange that for you. If not, then I'd like you to take home this leaflet and read it, or ring the NHS smokers' helpline, to get further information.”
• “The best thing is to get counselling from experts, but if this isn't possible, you should make sure that you have good information on the health effects of smoking and some tips on ways of stopping smoking and that you know where to turn for further help and support.”
• “How do you feel about your smoking?”
• “How do you feel about tackling your smoking now?”