Table 2

Results from the post-trial survey (n=156)

ResponsesNo (%)
How often did you take the study medication as directed?
  Some of the time2 (1.3)
  Most of the time32 (20.5)
  All of the time122 (78.2)
Did you feel that someone was available to help you if you experienced problems during the trial?
  Never2 (1.3)
  Sometimes6 (3.8)
  Usually44 (28.2)
  Always104 (66.7)
Would you have preferred to go to a study centre for visits rather than complete study visits over the internet?
  No129 (82.7)
  Sometimes17 (10.9)
  Yes10 (6.4)
If you could, would you take part in other online trials?
  No2 (1.3)
  Maybe17 (10.9)
  Yes137 (87.8)
Where did you most often access the online glucosamine trial?
  Home131 (84.0)
  Work17 (10.9)
  Library2 (1.3)
  Other6 (3.8)
Overall, how would you rate your experience with the online glucosamine trial?
  Very negative0
  Negative4 (2.6)
  Neutral18 (11.8)
  Positive61 (40.1)
  Very positive69 (45.4)