Table 1

Comparison of selected characteristics between online glucosamine trial and traditional clinic based clinical trials of osteoarthritis of the knee

Clinic based trials
CharacteristicOnline glucosamine trialMcKenna et al (2001)14Fransen et al (2001)13Baker et al (2001)12Pelletier et al (2000)11
Sample size20560012646480
Dropout rate (%)23.925.
Mean (SD) age60.2 (9.4)61.7*66.1 (10.3)68.5 (6)63.5 (8.9)
Mean (SD) body mass index32.6 (8.5)NR29.4 (5.0)31.5 (4.5)31.3 (5.7)
Female (%)64.465.373.078.079.6
Use of NSAIDs (%)79.577.8NR39.0NR
Mean (SD) WOMAC pain score44.5 (17.0)53.4 (15.9)37.8 (19.5)40.9 (18.0)NR
Mean (SD) WOMAC global score46.0 (16.7)55.1 (15.2)NRNR73.6 (24.6)
  • NR=not reported; NSAID=non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug; WOMAC=Western Ontario and McMaster Universities osteoarthritis index.

  • * No standard deviations reported.

  • † Based on Likert scores transformed on to a 0-100 scale.