Table 6.

Cost effectiveness and cost utility ratios () for perceived recovery, pain intensity, functional disability, and utility for neck pain

Outcome measureManual therapy: general practitioner careManual therapy: physiotherapyPhysiotherapy: general practitioner care
erceived recovery (%)Manual therapy −6041Manual therapy −9488Physiotherapy −1265
Pain intensity*(0-10 scale)Manual therapy −6652Manual therapy −757General practitioner care 83
Functional disability* (neck disability index; 0-50)General practitioner care 682daggerManual therapy −967General practitioner care 36
Utility* (EuroQol; 0-1)Manual therapy −15 505Manual therapy −31 144Physiotherapy 2688
  • 1.00=£0.60, $0.90.

  • * Higher scores indicate more favourable outcome.

  • † Costs 682 to get improvement of one point in pain intensity.