Characteristics of participants in focus groups (coded FGnx) and semistructured interviews (coded INTn)

CodeAge (years)SexEmployment statusYears in practiceSize of practice listNo of partnersPractice areaRole in diabetes
FG1a58MaleFull time25 1 9501SuburbanLead general practitioner
FG1b41FemaleFull time1512 3006SemiruralLittle involvement
FG1c37MaleFull time 520 0009UrbanLittle involvement
FG4d48FemaleFull time 5 3 1002SemiruralLittle involvement
FG1e50MaleFull time14 4 2002SuburbanEqual role with others
FG1f44MaleFull time13 3 7502SemiruralEqual role with others
FG1g52MaleFull time27 2 3001RuralLead general practitioner
FG2a37MaleFull time 412 2005SuburbanPrimary care group adviser
FG2b50FemalePart time11 8 7006SuburbanDistrict diabetes advisory group
FG2c44MaleFull time 2 4 5002UrbanLead general practitioner
FG2d36MalePart time 4 8 0004SemiruralLittle involvement
FG2e55MaleFull time25 6 1003UrbanLead general practitioner
FG3a40MaleFull time12 5 0003UrbanEqual role with others
FG3b47MaleFull time18 3 0001UrbanLead general practitioner
FG3c37MaleFull time 710 0004UrbanLead general practitioner
FG3d53MaleFull time14 8 5003UrbanLittle involvement
FG3e36FemalePart time 1 6 5004SuburbanLittle involvement
FG3f42FemaleFull time1111 5007SuburbanLead general practitioner
FG4g44MaleFull time20 5 0003UrbanLittle involvement
FG4a34FemalePart time 311 0007UrbanLittle involvement
FG4b45FemaleFull time16 9 8006UrbanLittle involvement
FG4c30FemaleFull time 1 7 1004SuburbanLittle involvement
FG4d40MaleFull time 2 2 7001SuburbanLead general practitioner
FG4e54MaleFull time20 3 4001SuburbanLead general practitioner
FG4f37MaleFull time 7 8 4004SemiruralLead general practitioner
FG4g42MaleFull time14 2 0001SemiruralLead general practitioner
INT131MaleFull time 4 8 5005SuburbanLittle involvement
INT251MaleFull time2415 0006UrbanLead general practitioner
INT346FemalePart time1415 0008SuburbanClinical assistant
INT436MaleFull time 6 2 1501SemiruralLead general practitioner
INT546MaleFull time1523 00012SemiruralEqual role with others
INT642MaleFull time1520 0009SuburbanLead general practitioner
INT742MaleFull time13 9 8004SemiruralPrimary care group adviser
INT834FemalePart time 6 7 2005RuralLittle involvement