Patients' characteristics in the derivation cohort for heart failure survival score (HFSS)11 and in the present cohort (COCPIT study). Values are means (SD) unless stated otherwise

CharacteristicHFSS derivation cohort (n=268)COCPIT cohort (n=889)
Age (years)50 (11)52 (11)
% male patients8085
New York Heart Association class2.8 (0.9)3.3 (0.5)
HFSS parameters:
Left ventricular ejection fraction (%)20 (8)22 (8)
Peak oxygen uptake (ml/min/kg)14.6 (5.4)15.8 (19.2)*
Heart rate (beats/min)87 (15)85 (17)
Mean arterial pressure (mm Hg)86 (13)82 (12)
Serum sodium concentration (mmol/l)137 (4)138 (5)
% of patients with intraventricular conduction delay27NK†
% of patients with ischaemic cardiomyopathy4541
Range of HFSS variability5.8-10.55.6-10.5
Severity of heart failure (No (%) of patients):
High risk (HFSS≤7.19)56 (21)107 (12)
Medium risk (HFSS=7.20-8.09)94 (35)360 (41)
Low risk (HFSS≥8.10)118 (44)422 (47)
HFSS=heart failure survival score.
COCPIT=comparative outcome and clinical profile in transplantation study.
NK=not known (since COCPIT study started before publication of the heart failure survival score, intraventricular conduction delay was not collected in our cohort).
* Incomplete data (139/889).