Comparison of uptake rates and anxiety among women offered HIV testing through different approaches in the same hospital's antenatal clinic

ApproachTime periodNo of women having test/No of women attending clinic (% uptake)Scaled mean anxiety
Control*May 1996 to Feb 199755/994 (6)36.8 (10.8)
Opt-inMay 1996 to Feb 1997707/2030 (35)§36.4 (10.9)
Routine voluntaryFeb to May 1998816/924 (88)33.2 (10.6)
Significanceχ2=1413.6, df=2, P<0.0001F (2, 3448)=32.3, P<0.0001
  • * Test available on request only.

  • †Information given about testing and woman asked to choose whether she wanted test.

  • ‡Information given about testing, but with testing presented as part of routine testing of blood and women given the opportunity to decline the test.

  • §Combined result for four different levels of an opt-in approach, which did not result in significantly different uptake rates.3

  • ¶ Scores out of 24 have been scaled with a denominator of 80 to be comparable to the original 20 item anxiety scale used in previous study.3