Results of questionnaire survey of 34 women during second trimester of pregnancy according to sex of baby delivered. Values are numbers of women in each group

BoysGirlsBoysGirlsBoysGirlsχ2(95% CI)*
Cough5778613.87(48% to 16%)
Shortness of breath51373609.72(83% to 23%)
Nocturnal waking61055715.37(8% to 62%)
General state of asthma5956816.3(4% to 60%)
Amount of drug treatment8745640.28(33% to 34%)
Frequency of drug treatment6778512.7(22% to 44%)
Visits to doctor351011503.84(15% to 43%)
  • * Comparison of proportion of women who were worse with proportion who were not worse for boys and girls; 95% confidence interval given for difference in proportions.

  • †P=0.05.

  • ‡P<0.01.

  • ¶ P<0.05