Table 4

Impact of a heroin maintenance programme on heath related quality of life, measured by means of the SF-36 health survey, Geneva, 1995–6

VariableExperimental group (n=27)Control group (n=22)P value§ for difference between groups
BaselineFollow upEffect sizeBaselineFollow upEffect size
Physical functioning71.179.6*  0.4079.676.6−0.14 0.13
Role-physical33.359.3** 0.6944.353.40.240.30
Bodily pain56.471.1*  0.5159.669.30.340.67
General health42.253.7***0.5248.056.40.380.21
Vitality31.747.6***0.9933.4 45.7*0.760.26
Social functioning40.364.4***1.0053.461.90.35 0.041
Role-emotional18.563.0***1.2533.343.90.30 0.027
Mental health36.054.4***0.9742.049.30.38 0.025
  • † Significance of before comparisons between baseline and follow up denoted by *P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001. Wilcoxon matched pairs test (exact).

  • ‡ Difference divided by standard deviation at baseline.

  • § Mann-Whitney U test (exact).