Table 1

Population characteristics according to fathers' social class. Values are age adjusted means or proportions unless stated otherwise

Fathers' social class
CharacteristicI and II (n=787)IIIN (n=582)IIIM (n=2457)IV and V (n=1819)P value for trend
Age (years)*48.147.848.548.10.57
Current social class I and II (%)72.254.427.615.00.0001
Regular drivers (%)71.057.550.144.00.0001
Deprivation category 5–7 (%)24.329.
Angina (%)
Ischaemia on electrocardiogram (%)
Bronchitis (%)
Height (cm)176.0174.4172.5171.40.0001
FEV1 score (%)
Cholesterol (mmol/l)
Body mass index (kg/m2)25.024.725.225.40.0001
Current cigarette smoker (%)48.447.856.558.90.0001
Diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)82.583.
  • *Not age adjusted.