Table 2

Features of reactions to peanut in children whose peanut allergy resolved and children whose allergy persisted. Values are numbers of children unless stated otherwise

FeatureResolvers (n=15)Persisters (n=15)
Median age (months) at first reaction (range)11 (5-38)12 (4-120)
Worst feature of severest reaction:
  Facial swelling712
  Tightness of throat or stridor30
  Collapse or faint00
No of reactions:
Median time (months) from last reaction to challenge (range)†40 (15-72)12(3-72)
Weal on skin prick testing <6 mm‡13/13*3/14
  • * Both of the resolvers who did not have skin prick tests had raised peanut specific IgE concentrations.

  • † P=0.10.

  • ‡ P<0.0001.