Table 1

Baseline characteristics, regular drug treatment, and use of oral corticosteroids during study in groups given beclomethasone dipropionate and placebo. Values are numbers of subjects unless stated otherwise

CharacteristicBeclomethasone dipropionate (n=52)Placebo (n=52)
Male sex3736
Mean age (months) (range)100.0 (84–119)101.2 (84–119)
Diagnosed asthma2834
Mean baseline FEV1(% predicted values) (range)88.2 (63–116)89.6 (57–116)
Mean (SD) baseline:
Height (cm)130.2 (6.3)129.3 (6.8)
Weight (kg)29.3 (6.4)28.0 (4.8)
Regular drug treatment:
Sodium cromoglycate44
Nasal beclomethasone dipropionate02
Topical corticosteroids for eczema33
Course of prednisolone during treatment:
No of subjects23
Mean dose (mg/day)1520
Mean duration (days)53