Table 2

Number of deaths and acute myocardial infarctions, and corresponding mortality and incidence, by pattern of beer consumption in 1641 middle aged Finnish men

Usual No of bottles of beer/session
6 or more (n=70)3-5 (n=420)Less than 3 (reference group) (n=1151)
All deaths:154477
Mortality/100 000 person years29851402853
Cardiovascular deaths:72032
Mortality/100 000 person years1393637355
Deaths from external causes:4615
Mortality/100 000 person years796191166
Myocardial infarctions:74189
Incidence rate/ 100.000 person years180718221348
Fatal myocardial infarctions (% of all infarctions)6 (86)10 (24)12 (13)