Table 1

Characteristics of subjects in control and exercise groups at entry to study. Values are numbers (percentages) unless indicated otherwise

CharacteristicControl group (n=117)Exercise group (n=116)Difference (95% CI)
Mean (SD) age (years)84.1 (3.4)84.1 (3.1)NS
Mean (SD) score on physical activity scale for the elderly53.8 (29.8)49.2 (30.2)NS
Mean (SD) score on falls efficacy scale92.5 (10.0)90.8 (10.6)NS
Mean (SD) total No of medications2.8 (2.3)3.7 (2.7)0.9 (0.3 to 1.5)*
Uses sedative drugs22 (19)25 (22)NS
Postural hypotension17 (15)19 (16)NS
Lives alone89 (76)90 (78)NS
Fall in previous year55 (47)47 (41)NS
Previous hip fracture11 (9)8 (7)NS
Other previous fracture46 (39)48 (41)NS
History of stroke7 (6)13 (11)NS
History of knee arthritis22 (19)41 (35)16.5 (5.3 to 27.7)*
Uses community services21 (18)26 (22)NS
  • *Significantly different at baseline but not found to be related to the risk of falling.