Table 1

Age adjusted* prevalences of cardiovascular risk factors at baseline (1976) by birth weight. Values are percentages of women unless stated otherwise

Full term births (birth weight (g))
Premature births (n=3608)<2268 (n=1392)2268-2495 (n=3549)>2495-3175 (n=21 171)>3175-3856 (n=31 216)>3856-4536 (n=7723)>4536 (n=1638)
Mean age (years)
Twin birth7.
Breast fed48.
High social class at age 1627.422.827.827.727.124.719.8
Mean height (inches)64.263.463.464.064.865.265.5
Mean body mass index (kg/m2)23.723.723.423.223.724.124.5
Mean waist:hip circumference (x100)78.479.077.977.877.977.977.7
Self reported hypertension12.410.711.
Current smoker29.830.131.430.830.432.232.5
Self reported high cholesterol2.
One parent had myocardial infarction before age 6013.713.414.312.913.212.614.2
Regular exercise47.546.347.747.248.046.346.1
Mother smoked**28.727.029.025.623.822.718.3
  • *By one year intervals.

  • †From 1992 questionnaire among women who knew whether they had been breast fed.

  • ‡Father's occupation was manager or professional when nurse was aged 16.

  • §Drank less than one alcoholic beverage per month, among those who responded to the 1980 dietary questionnaire.

  • ¶Long enough to work up a sweat at least once a week, among those responding to the 1980 questionnaire.

  • **While participant was living with her.