Table 1

Effect of children's perceptions about smoking on likelihood of experimenting with tobacco

Perception about smokingNo of children experimenting who agreedNo of children experimenting who disagreedOdds ratio (95% confidence interval)
Gives more strength14/12735/18146.3 (3.1 to 12.1)
Improves batting8/12441/18182.99 (1.25 to 6.87)
Improves fielding13/8236/18609.55(4.55 to 19.79)
Increases chances of winning13/11236/18296.5 (3.16 to 13.35)
Members of India's cricket team smoked24/9123/3973.55(1.07 to 18.57)
Sunil Gawaskar smoked23/41426/15143.37(1.84 to 6.17)