Physical and social functioning scores, bodily pain, and vitality scores from the SF36 in people with knee pain and disability

GroupPhysical functionSocial functionBodily painVitality
Phase 1+
Phase 2++
  No need for arthroplasty34.462.639.941.8
  Extremely severe pain17.0*45.8*27.8*35.0*
  Extreme pain3.3*31.8*21.9*33.0*
  • *(P<0.05) in comparison with no need for arthroplasty (Tukey's HSD multiple range test).

  • +Scores from sample of those not reporting problems that led to entry into phase 2 of study.

  • ++Scores on scale of Lequesne et al: no need for arthroplasty=0-13; extremely severe pain=14-20; extreme pain=21-24.