Responses to questions asking what happened to patients in hospital

ResponseProportion (%) responding
 Admission cancelled by hospital259/2656(10)
 More than two years on waiting list82/2090(4)
 Reasons for admission not explained beforehand 574/4784(12)
 Not told about daily routine 2393/5150(46)
 Not given written/printed information2824/5020(56)
 No explanation from doctor about condition847/5146(16)
 There were things patients should have been told that
 they were not545/5021(11)
 Doctors said one thing and nurses something different525/5149(10)
 Patients felt that staff were keeping information from them286/5145(6)
 Patients given information in an upsetting way275/5147(5)
 Treated/examined by someone who did not explain what
 he or she was doing275/5148(5)
Physical care:
 No one doctor in charge of care1119/5146(22)
 No one nurse in charge of care3314/5141(64)
 Not enough privacy while discussing condition453/5147(9)
 Not enough privacy while being examined139/5119(3)
Pain management:
 Suffered pain3163/5150(61)
 Of those suffering pain:
 Pain was present all or most of the time1042/3162(33)
 Pain was severe or moderate2755/3157(87)
 Pain was worse than expected182/1051(17)
 Had to ask for drugs1085/2589(42)
 Drugs did not arrive immediately455/1085(41)
Tests and operations:
 Purpose of tests not explained313/1752(18)
 Not told results of tests593/1753(34)
 Operation cancelled by the hospital326/3004(11)
 Not given explanation of operation554/3008(18)
 No explanation from anaesthetist about what would be
 Risks and benefits of operation not explained843/2974(28)
 Worries or fears of operation not discussed937/2972(32)
Discharge planning:
 Difficulty getting home278/5078(5)
 No discussion with doctor about discharge2260/5134(44)
 Not told about foods to eat/not eat3707/5111(73)
 Not told about activities to do/not do3085/5125(60)
 Not told when to resume normal activities such as
 returning to work3177/5119(62)
 Not told of any warning signs to look for3599/5124(70)
 Family and friends not given enough information1451/5119(28)