Administration of Hippocratic or similar oath to medical graduates in United Kingdom's 27 clinical medical schools

Clinical medical schoolWhen/how oath administered
No oath of any sort
Bristol UniversityOxford University
Cambridge UniversitySt Bartholomew's Hospital
King's College School ofMedical College
Medicine and DentistrySt Mary's Hospital
The London Hospital MedicalSouthampton University
CollegeUnited Medical and Dental
Manchester UniversitySchools of Guy's and St
Newcastle UniversityThomas's Hospital
Nottingham UniversityUniversity College London
Hippocratic oath
Charing Cross and WestminsterDean reads oath to all new students on first day of medical school
Royal Free HospitalOath read out at graduation ceremony
St George's HospitalGraduands repeat modern version of oath at degree ceremony
Declaration of Geneva
Birmingham UniversityStudents invited to sign
Leeds UniversityDean reads at degree ceremony
Leicester UniversityStudents read at degree ceremony
Liverpool UniversityStudents take at degree ceremony
Aberdeen UniversityNewly qualified doctors affirm oath at graduation
Dundee UniversityGraduands affirm declaration read out by dean
Edinburgh UniversityDean reads to the graduands at the degree ceremony
Glasgow UniversityMedical graduates' oath
Queen's University of BelfastGraduands take before graduation
Sheffield UniversityDean reads Sheffield affirmation
University of Wales College of MedicineGraduates read pledge to which they have all subscribed before admission
  • *Sometimes referred to as the sponsio academica, oaths in this group are along the lines of: “I,……, solemnly declare that as a Graduate of Medicine of the University of X, I will exercise my profession to the best of my knowledge and ability, for the good of all persons whose health may be placed in my care, and for the public weal; that I will hold in due regard the honourable traditions and obligations of the Medical Profession, and will do nothing inconsistent therewith; and that I will be loyal to the University and endeavour to promote its welfare and maintain its reputation.”