Multiple logistic regression analysis for diabetes in 1179 Pima Indians controlled forbirth weight, age, body mass index, maternal diabetes during pregnancy, and birth year

VariableOdds ratio(95% confidence interval)P value
Age (per 10 years)3.08 (1.96 to 4.86)0.0001
Body mass index1.06 (1.04 to 1.09)0.0001
Low birth weight* (low/normal)3.81 (1.70 to 8.52)0.001
High birth weight*(high/normal)1.80 (0.63 to 5.10)0.269
Maternal diabetes during pregnancy (yes/no)10.73 (4.76 to 24.17)0.0001
Birth year (per year)0.94 (0.90 to 0.97)0.001
  • *Low birthweight and high birthweight variables compared weights below 2500 g and above 4500 g, respectively, with those 2500-4499 g. Sex was not significant and therefore was not included as a covariate.