Table 3

 Number and proportion of patients with suspected malaria who were accurately treated with malaria drugs measured against result of reference blood slide. Values are number affected/total number in group (percentage) unless stated otherwise

VariablesNorthEast: established microscopy
Clinical diagnosisNew microscopy
Reference slide positive for malaria1/415 (0.2)0/202471/1740 (27.1)
Parasites detected in reference slide:
Plasmodium vivax 1465 (98.7)
Plasmodium falciparum 06 (1.2)
 Coinfection with P vivax and P falciparum 01 (0.2)*
Treated correctly:
 According to reference slide result 3/415 (1)127/202 (63)1056/1740 (60.7)
 According to clinic slide result159/193 (82)1383/1663 (83.2)
Malaria status:
 Negative, given malaria drugs412/414 (99)75/202 (37)645/1269 (50.8)
 Positive, not given correct malaria drugs029/471 (6.2)
Positive test result:
P falciparum, treated with SP plus AS1/6(16.7)
P vivax, treated with CQ†1 (100)432/465 (92.9)
 Mixed infection, treated with SP plus AS0
Negative test result:
P falciparum, treated with SP plus AS3/1740 (0.2)
P vivax, treated with CQ†408/414 (99)72/202 (36)630/1274 (49.4)
 Malaria, treated with SP plus CQ139/414 (34)21/202 (10)222/1269 (17.5)
Antibiotics prescribed:
 Positive for malaria020/471 (4.3)
 Negative for malaria47/414 (11)103/202 (60)342/1269 (27.0)

SP=sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine; AS=artesunate; CQ=chloroquine.

*Patient also included and evaluated as being positive for P vivax and P falciparum, separately.

†Including patients treated with SP plus CQ.