Table 1

 Model data input values for cost effectiveness analysis, antiretroviral monitoring study, Tororo and Busia Districts, Uganda, 2003-7. All costs are in US $

ParameterBase case valueSource(s)
Clinical/CD4/viral loadClinical/CD4Clinical
Frequency of health events:
 Deaths (per 100 person years)*
 Severe morbid events (per 100 person year)*
Disability adjusted life years per clinical event during trial:
 Deaths2.32Trial,11 Global Burden of Disease18
 Severe morbid events (range)0.019-0.75Global Burden of Disease,18 expert opinion
Unit costs of monitoring tests:
 CD4$4.68$4.68Downing (Clinton Fund); trial11
 Viral load$29.64COBAS Amplicor; trial11
% Change in antiretroviral drug regimen (annual)0.7%0.4%1.8%Trial11
Costs of use during trial (per person year):
 Laboratory monitoring of CD4s and viral loads$137.30$18.74$0Trial11
 Antiretroviral drugs (discounted; observed mix of first and second line regimens during trial)$160$156$175Trial,11 Médecins Sans Frontières19
 Diagnostic tests$168$168$164Trial11
 Opportunistic infection treatment including tuberculosis (outpatient)$122$123$127Trial11
 Inpatient costs$2.05$1.96$2.87Trial11

*From intention to treat analysis, adjusted for multivariate regression findings (see text).