Table 12

 Six Cities Study: “level” of supervision for those children who used sunbed in tanning/beauty salon or gym/leisure centre when they said they had been supervised (weighted baseline=213)*

No% (95% CI)
Shown how to use and given information7836.6 (30.1 to 43.1)
Shown how to use but not given information8439.3 (32.7 to 45.8)
Not shown how to use but given information94.2 (1.5 to 7.0)
Not shown or given any information4219.9 (14.5 to 25.2)

*Only children who said they had used sunbed in supervised setting in either tanning/beauty salon or gym/leisure centre who were interviewed in full study (October-November 2008) were included in this analysis; question not asked in pilot study.