Table 2

 Outcome of advance care planning in 125 patients who received intervention. Values are numbers (percentages) unless stated otherwise

OutcomesNot appropriate*Discussion, no wishes†Discussion card only‡Documented advance care plan§P value
Patients6 (5)11 (9)38 (30)Total 70 (56); surrogate only, 26 (21); end of life wishes only, 14 (11); both, 30 (24)
Family present2 (33)6 (55)17 (45)65 (93)<0.001
End of life wishes
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation:
 YesNANA3 (8)0 (0)
 Yes, depending on outcome¶NANA12 (32)21 (30)
 NoNANA14 (36)39 (56)
 Decided by doctor or surrogateNANA9 (24)10 (14)
Life prolonging treatment:
 YesNANA3 (8)0 (0)
 Yes, depending on outcome¶NANA12 (32)27 (39)
 NoNANA10 (26)29 (41)
 Decided by doctor or surrogateNANA11 (29)14 (20)
 UndecidedNANA2 (5)0 (0)

*Facilitator decided to stop discussion because patient failed to grasp concept or refused further discussion.

†Advance care planning discussion held but patient elected not to appoint a surrogate or express any wishes.

‡Patient was clear about wishes but did not wish to complete an advance care plan. Wishes were documented by facilitator on an advance care planning discussion card filed in front of medical record.

§Legal appointment of surrogate or signed witnessed documentation of end of life wishes, or both, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation and life prolonging treatment.

¶Treatment to be provided only if doctor anticipates good outcome.