Table 7

Primary pooled analysis for active forms of vitamin D and the prevention of falls

Study (daily dose of vitamin D)Number of participantsNumber of fallers/total treatedNumber of fallers/total controlEffect relative riskLower 95% CIUpper 95% CIQ test P valueI2Fall reduction
Dukas et al, 2004w16 (1α-hydroxyvitamin D3)37840/19246/1860.840.581.22
Gallagher et al, 2001w17 (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3)24659/12378/1230.760.600.95
Pooled primary analysis (w16,w17)62499/315124/3090.780.640.940.630%-22%

Q test: P<0.100 indicates heterogeneity.

I2 estimates above 25% are considered to represent modest heterogeneity, and values above 50% represent large heterogeneity beyond chance.