Birth cohort groups of females in national nutrition survey, Japan, 1948-2005 (n=76 635)

Cohort groupsBirth yearsAge range (years)Years of measurementSample size
First cohortLast cohort1-12 years old13-25 years old
1930s1930-918-251948-551957-64Not analysedDoes not exist
1940s1940-98-251948-651957-73Does not exist717
1950s1950-91-251951-751960-84Does not exist7 832
1960s1960-91-251961-851970-948 71012 271
1970s1970-91-251971-951980-200418 53810 805
1980s1980-91-161981-961990-200511 6272 558
1990s1990-91-61991-62000-53 577Not analysed

Sample size information missing for surveys done in 1948-71. Survey not done in 1974.