Table 4

 Regression models for time without fever up to 24 hours, adjusting for minimisation

OutcomesPrimary comparisonsSecondary comparison: ibuprofen v paracetamol
Paracetamol plus ibuprofen v paracetamolParacetamol plus ibuprofen v ibuprofen
Time until first fever clearance*:
 Adjusted difference (minutes)−23.53.0−26.3
 95% confidence interval−44.8 to −2.2†−18.3 to 24.4†−48.3 to −4.3‡
 P value0.025†>0.8†0.015‡
Time without fever in first 24 hours§:
 Adjusted difference (hours)
 95% confidence interval2.4 to 6.3†0.6 to 4.4†−0.2 to 4.0‡
 P value<0.001†0.008†0.076‡

*Negative differences indicate that first named treatment group has faster fever clearance time than comparator group.

†Primary comparisons after applying Dunnett’s correction (uncorrected P values were 0.016 and 0.75 for fever clearance, <0.001 and 0.005 for time without fever).

‡Secondary comparison after applying Tukey’s correction (uncorrected P values were 0.006 for fever clearance, 0.033 for time without fever).

§Weighted by number of time points in first 24 hours contributing valid data on temperature; positive differences indicate additional hours with temperature less than 37.2°C for first named treatment group than for comparator.