Table 3

 Regression models for time without fever over first four hours (240 minutes) and no discomfort at 48 hours, adjusting for minimisation

OutcomesPrimary comparisonsSecondary comparison: ibuprofen v paracetamol
Paracetamol plus ibuprofen v paracetamolParacetamol plus ibuprofen v ibuprofen
Time without fever in first 4 hours*:
 Adjusted difference (minutes)55.316.239.0
 95% confidence interval33.1 to 77.5†−7.0 to 39.4†15.9 to 61.0‡
 P value<0.001†0.2†<0.001‡
No discomfort at 48 hours§:
 Adjusted odds ratio1.330.891.50
 95% confidence interval0.49 to 3.56†0.32 to 2.43†0.53 to 4.26‡
 P value0.7†>0.8†>0.5‡

*Weighted by number of time points in first four hours contributing valid data on temperature. Positive differences indicate additional minutes below 37.2°C for first named treatment group compared with comparator.

†Primary comparisons after applying Dunnett’s correction (approximate P values obtained using extrapolation from limited published values21; uncorrected P values were <0.001 and 0.11 for time without fever, 0.53 and 0.79 for discomfort).

‡Secondary comparison after applying Tukey’s correction (P values obtained using interpolation from extensive published values21; <0.001 for temperature, 0.37 for discomfort).

§Odds of being well compared with not being well.