Table 1

Availability of clinical management guidelines for COVID-19 by resource setting (World Bank Classification)

GuidelineIncome group of country
LowLower middleUpper middleHigh
World Health Organization9
Ministry of Health, Brazil10X
National Health Commission, China5X
COREB mission nationale, France11X
Robert Koch Institute, Germany12X
Ministry of Health, Netherlands13X
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India14X
Ministry of Health, Indonesia13X
Società Italiana di Malattie Infettive e Tropicali, Italy15X
Japanese Association of Infectious Diseases, Japan16X
Department of Public Health, Malaysia17X
Working group on COVID 2019, Russia18X
Centre for Disease Control, Saudi Arabia19X
Central COVID Task Force, South Korea20X
Ministry of Health, Spain21X
Center for Disease Control, Taiwan22X
Ministry of Health, Turkey23X
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA24X