Table 2

Changes in median national coverage of selected interventions in low and middle income countries with available data for 2009-13 and 2014-18, ordered by proportion of the gap closed

StageIndicatorNo of countries2009-13 median2014-18 medianChange (% points)% of gap closed
PregnancyTreatment of pregnant women with HIV9310796977
InfancyRotavirus immunisation3469871858
PostnatalPostnatal visit for babies3130683854
PregnancyNeonatal tetanus protection998590533
Pregnancy≥4 antenatal contacts6360731332
BirthSkilled attendant delivery959093330
PostnatalPostnatal visit for mothers3844591527
EnvironmentPopulation using basic drinking water services1388891325
InfancyExclusive breastfeeding (<6 months)523846813
ChildhoodCare seeking for pneumonia symptoms545762512
Pre-pregnancyDemand for family planning satisfied with modern methods62515548
PostnatalEarly initiation of breastfeeding 53505448
ChildhoodOral replacement therapy for diarrhoea56384246
InfancyContinued breastfeeding to 1 year518180−1−5
InfancyDTP3 immunisation1379190−1−11
InfancyMeasles immunisation (first dose)1379189−2−22

Most recent data point for the 2014-18 period and earliest data point for the 2009-2013 period. For countries that had more than one survey during 2009-13, we selected the survey that was closest to the midpoint of 2011. If surveys were equidistant in time to the midpoint, we chose the earlier survey. See web supplement for dates and information on how the percentage coverage gap closed was calculated.