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Fibrin Degradation Products and Ovarian Tumours

Br Med J 1971; 4 doi: (Published 20 November 1971) Cite this as: Br Med J 1971;4:458
  1. B. Åstedt,
  2. L. Svanberg,
  3. I. M. Nilsson


    Fibrin degradation products (F.D.P.) were determined in the serum of 163 women in whom ovarian tumours had been suspected on palpation at gynaecological examination and who were afterwards examined by laparoscopy or subjected to laparotomy. F.D.P. were found in the serum (0·5-30 mg/100 ml) of 23 (72%) out of 32 patients with malignant tumours. Of 131 patients with benign findings F.D.P. (traces to 2 mg/100 ml) were found in six (4·5%), and in most of these the occurrence of F.D.P. could be explained on other clinical grounds. The findings suggest that the examination of F.D.P. in suspected malignant ovarian tumour may be of diagnostic value.

    Determination of F.D.P. in malignant ascitic fluid showed very high values, ranging between 40 and 350 mg/ 100 ml. This argues for the occurrence of F.D.P. in the blood being due to an extravascular breakdown of fibrin caused by tumour cells, but they may also be due to thromboplastic and fibrinolytic agents from the tumour entering the blood stream.