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Clinicle—a daily dose of word play from The BMJ

BMJ 2023; 380 doi: (Published 01 January 2023) Cite this as: BMJ 2023;380:o2967
  1. Tom Nolan, clinicle editor,
  2. Jennifer Rasanathan, clinicle editor,
  3. Riddhi Shenoy, editorial registrar,
  4. Will Stahl-Timmins, data graphics random word puzzles designer
  1. The BMJ

Test your clinical knowledge with The BMJ’s new word game, Clinicle. Move the horizontal word clues to spell the answer vertically, then share your times on social media with friends and colleagues.

The story of Clinicle

A welcome relief from the 2022 permacrisis has been the chance to spend a couple of minutes each day trying to guess a five letter word. Wordle became a phenomenon, reported to have over 2 million daily users in January 20221 and was soon snapped up for a reported seven figure sum by the New York Times.2

As the Wordle craze crested, an Education article in The BMJ by Hardeep Singh, Denise Connor, and Gurpreet Dhaliwal offered readers five strategies for diagnostic excellence.34 Strategy number two is byte sized learning to “integrate brief diagnostic challenges from apps, social media, and medical journals into your daily routine.” As the Wordle clones proliferated, from the supercharged Quordle (, to more niche offerings such as Taylordle ( and Worldle (, the cogs started to turn in The BMJ’s (home) offices: could we offer byte sized learning in the shape of a daily puzzle? A wordle clone might be a straightforward choice, but for The BMJ’s word game, we wanted to let readers show off their clinical knowledge too. Think of Clinicle as a cross between a crossword and wordsearch that gives your brain a gentle test and a chance to compete with your friends and colleagues, all in the time it takes to nip to the loo or join that Teams meeting.

Take the January 2023 Clinicle challenge

Every day in January we’ll release a new Clinicle inspired by a BMJ Education article that you can read, for free, using the link provided after you’ve solved the puzzle. Like Wordle, you’ll have to count down the hours until the next one appears, and there’s no going back to yesterday’s puzzle. Unlike Wordle, we’ll help you: the horizontal word clues are all related to the vertical answer, and there are three extra clues (don’t expect much help from the first, though). Share your time on social media to see how your time compares. You can let us know what you think using the #BMJclinicle hashtag on twitter or by using the feedback button in the game menu.