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Some groups of terminally ill patients are twice as likely to die by suicide, data show

BMJ 2022; 377 doi: (Published 21 April 2022) Cite this as: BMJ 2022;377:o1014

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ONS data confirms that suicide prevention is crucial

Dear Editor,

The recent data from the Office of National Statistics (1) essentially confirms previous work that the risk of suicide is greater in the first year after the diagnosis of a serious illness but reduces thereafter.(2-4) This knowledge has long been crucial to identify the presence of depression in order to provide the necessary care to prevent suicide and improve the quality of life for both patients and their families.

But in his news item Hurley (5) quotes a belief that ‘traditional suicide prevention measures are not an appropriate response’ in patients diagnosed with life-limiting or life-threatening illness. It is disappointing that the BMJ should promote a view that sets aside the depression, anxieties and fears of patients with many years of worthwhile life ahead of them and offers death as the solution. That is not compassion, it is abandonment.

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22 April 2022
Claud Regnard
Honorary conultant in Palliative Medicine
St. Oswald's Hospice