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Covid-19: Fourth vaccine doses—who needs them and why?

BMJ 2022; 376 doi: (Published 07 January 2022) Cite this as: BMJ 2022;376:o30

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Covid-19: Fourth vaccine doses in Cuba.

Dear Editor

In our country at the end of January 11, 31,975,625 accumulated doses of the Cuban vaccines, SOBERANA 02, SOBERANA Plus and ABDALA, have been given in the country.

Currently, 10,504,040 people have received at least one dose of one of the Cuban vaccines SOBERANA 02, SOBERANA Plus and ABDALA. Of these, 9,322,241 people already have had a second dose and 8,976,554 people a third dose. 9,745,230 people have a complete vaccination schedule, which represents 87.1% of the Cuban population.

In the first dose, those vaccinated with SOBERANA Plus as a single dose are included. A total of 3,172,790 people have a booster dose or fourth dose, of which 183,364 as part of the Clinical Study and 2,989,426 as part of the booster vaccination that is being applied to the population of selected territories and risk groups.

After the approval of the Booster Dose Strategy, the Clinical Study was approved with vaccine candidates (SOBERANA 01 and Mambisa) and the start of vaccination with a fourth dose for the entire population over 2 years of age, starting with workers from the health and risk groups.

These booster doses or fourth doses are added to the number of doses applied in the country in its accumulation. It is expected that by the end of this month of January all the vaccines will be available to apply the fourth dose.

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13 January 2022
Rolando Artola Rojas
Dr Elizabeth Hernández Pérez, Dr. Lianet Bombino Martin, Dr Yosvany Urquiola Martinez, Dr. Anaelys Bárbara Batista Gravié, Dr Osmany Miguel Reytor Cabrera, Dr Mabel de Armas Rodriguez, Dr Maria del Carmen Nuruega Guevara, Dr Duidilexis Forestal González, MSc Ihosvany Castellanos Santos, Dr Nerys de la Caridad Toledo Ponce, Lic. Damaris Pedrosa Calzada, Lic. Yudislay Bravo Torres, Lic. Yaneisy Rodriguez Perez
Francisco Javier Zerquera 15. Trinidad