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Mandatory covid-19 vaccination for care home workers

BMJ 2021; 374 doi: (Published 08 July 2021) Cite this as: BMJ 2021;374:n1684

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Re: Mandatory covid-19 vaccination for care home workers

Dear Editor,

Coercive control, economic abuse, threats, intimidation and emotional abuse are all terms defined in the 2020 Domestic Abuse Act.

The entire premise of the No Jab No Job policy is blatantly predicated on coercion. There has been no clinical trial or even an Impact Assessment to determine safe care, but, as seems to be the way now, the justification is based on computer modelling and observation to conclude that asymptomatic vaccinated carers are less likely to transmit disease than asymptomatic unvaccinated. The Shapiro et al report June 2021 ( Ref 9 in the Article) states that transmission data in vaccinated versus unvaccinated comes from models and observation Dec 2020 to June 2021. Remember the vaccines have so far only been MHRA authorised for emergency use and clinical trial data from vaccine manufacturers will not be presented for full approval until 2023.

So, until 2023 Government appears to justify mandating vaccination of Care workers solely based on a computer model that predicts unvaccinated workers without symptoms are more likely to hospitalise and kill people than their similarly asymptomatic vaccinated colleagues.

Hold this thought, because herein lies a serious logical and clinical disconnect. The Government want us to believe from a model that the efficacy of this novel vaccine reduces symptoms in an infected vaccinated worker down to such a level that they are entirely safe to work with the vulnerable. Conversely, the same Government want us to simultaneously believe that an infected unvaccinated colleague also without any clinical symptoms represents a dire threat to those in her care.

This is of course nonsense! Prior to 2020 it was taught clinical practice that transmission risk in respiratory illness was directly related to evidence of diagnosable symptoms. The PCR test was in fact designed to confirm clinical diagnosis, not to replace it. The age-old adage that coughs and sneezes spread diseases is now conveniently replaced by a computer modelled contradiction. The low transmissibility risk of being symptom free was also the official position of the WHO, Chris Whitty and Jenny Harries in April 2020 before an inexplicable volte face occurred. A volte face we now know was led by a behavioural science campaign to scare the living daylights out of the entire population.

Anyone who works in Care knows that staff are evangelical in staying home if showing any symptom of respiratory disorder. Infection control is central to the work of a sector.

This outrageous proposal to mandate vaccination isn’t about health but is about targeting what the Government see as low hanging fruit in the creation of a test bed. Government clapped Care workers for their service last year, but now intend to inflict on them the kind of abusive coercive control that they criminalise in the home

In the age of MeToo, Taking the Knee and the Domestic Abuse Bill 2020 it is unconscionable for Government to single out an economically vulnerable group and openly threaten them with job loss. Through legislation we seek to reassure people that they are legally protected against coercive control in the home, yet Government is planning to legalise this torture in the workplace. It’s perverse!

This should worry us all. Success with Care workers means we; our children, friends and family are all in their sights for future profitable coercion for the greater good. It won’t stop at a third booster this year. The public have now been trained to obey messaging. We, who do see where this could lead must stand up and protect the sanctity of bodily autonomy or we will all end up on a slippery slope towards medical apartheid.

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28 July 2021
Deborah Thomas
Former Care Home worker