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Cuba's advance against COVID-19

Dear Editor

A momentous step in Cuba's advance against COVID-19 meant several days ago, in the eastern cities of Santiago de Cuba, Bayamo and Guantánamo, the start of vaccination of volunteers included in phase III of Abdala's clinical trial. The Cuban Health System incorporates the South American nation, Venezuela, into phase 3 clinical trials of the two most advanced Cuban vaccine candidates: Soberana 02 and Abdala.

Cuba sent 300,000 doses of each of the two drugs to Venezuela this month, an act that, in addition to endorsing bilateral solidarity, allows multiplying the sampling in regions of different incidence rates of the fatal disease, in order to further validate the safety and immunogenicity of vaccines.

Along with its gratitude, and in accordance with the policy of regional complementarity that Cuba and Venezuela have constantly promoted, it affirmed that the promising success of both drugs will allow us to set course for the mass production of this ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America) vaccine, because if it is from Cuba it is from ALBA.

At the moment Venezuela has a new wave of infections, fundamentally due to the spread of the virus strain that appeared in Brazil.

In recent days, Cuba has reported the shipment of more than 100,000 doses of Soberana 02 to Iran, to carry out efficacy studies in that country.

Kind Regards.

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24 April 2021
Lianet Bombino Martin
Dr. Grace Alicia De Lara Garcia, Dr. María Eugenia Bravo Rodríguez, Dr Lidia De la cruz Perez, Lic. Maebis Fernadez Leiva, Dr. Yeny Liuby Izanaga Luques, , Dr Silvia Odalys Beovides Hernandez, Dr Enrique Ramirez Jimenez, Dr. Marlene Ramirez Gonzalez, Lic. Yousy Ortega Leon, MSc Ihosvany Castellanos Santos.
Francisco Javier Zerquera 15. Trinidad. Cuba.