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Covid-19: Moderna plans booster doses to counter variants

BMJ 2021; 372 doi: (Published 26 January 2021) Cite this as: BMJ 2021;372:n232

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COVID-19 variants, epitope change, vaccine escape, booster doses of new COVID-19 vaccine

Dear Editor,

The report that "Moderna plans booster doses to counter variants" is very interesting [1]. The main question is whether giving booster doses can overcome the problem of new COVID-19 variants such as African variant. Regarding the COVID-19 variant, the molecular change occurs and it might further alter epitope properties. There might be a vaccine escape phenomenon and if vaccine escape occurs, the first generation vaccine might not be effective. Therefore, vaccine boostering might not be the way to correspond to the new COVID-19 variants.

1. Covid-19: Moderna plans booster doses to counter variants. BMJ 2021; 372 doi:

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26 January 2021
Viroj Wiwanitkit
medical professor
Dr DY Patil University, Pune, India