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Helen Salisbury: Bumps in the road to covid vaccine rollout

BMJ 2020; 371 doi: (Published 21 December 2020) Cite this as: BMJ 2020;371:m4925

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Issues more pressing than vaccine rollout for the collective welfare

Dear Editor,
The core issue is not vaccine rollout but is the answer to the question: will vaccines work ? Vaccines have been developed extraordinarily fast for this pandemic, with policymakers and pharmaceutical companies collectively taking a very strange decision bound certainly not by medical criteria but by a pseudopolitical purpose which is to offer guarantee that "it will be over soon", disrespecting all rules of vaccine theory, in particular the fact that you need to have a stable target, a virus / bacteria that has stabilized after circulating for very long (thousands of years...) over the population. The bet of decisionmakers is clearly the placebo effect : that a constant stream of reassuring news will produce the jump in immunity, from some feel-good-induced chemical reaction in the body of the commoner, together with the vaccines.

This is totally opposed to the rapid stream of mutations that is natural with a virus that both circulates very rapidly and has a relatively mild lethality rate, in a population that is very dense, strongly contaminated with alpha-emitting nanoparticulates (the main weakener of internal immunity, as I have demonstrated with wideranging WHO DALYs data in the chapter on alpha-emitting nanoparticulates in my From an Einstein Syndrome to the People - see also my peer reviewed papers through my blog - the BMJ once published an article on how the WHO itself was suppressing evidence on depleted uranium and health - these nanoparticulates, that have many sources, natural and artificial (not only DU... radon, particles in diesel and other fuels, in phosphated fertilizers (hence Po210 in cigarettes), in coal, for instance), are also the most important source of virus & bacteria mutations, this was also dealt with in the alpha-emitting nanoparticulates chapter in my book, three draft versions being also archived It seems that ONE of these mutations has attracted considerable media attention - the first one happening after MY paper on Salvia officinalis & Salvia microphylla against COVID19 has been published ( Yet many mutations happened already before. Further, that one new mutation does not lead to any serious questioning as concerns the many vaccines being commercialized... It is blankly asserted that the mutation does not change anything.

Indeed with a placebo bet, the real efficiency of the vaccine does not matter so much as matters the suppression of contradictory news in the media. It's about repeating always and always the same message. Together with another which is that "it is technology that will save humans". People that have no real relation to nature but see themselves as part of a civilization concept, eat meat and have forgotten their genetic closeness to the veggie-eating bonobo... trying to pretend to themselves and to others that they can have control of human bodies that, themselves are part of the same nature they do not really understand. It is pretty much "group theory" - that by surrounding the weak, with hugs, by concealing them the true harshness of the outdoors they will spontaneously heal, like a Magic Kiss effect - in the bubble.

With vaccines as with drugs a big issue is cytokine-storm-syndrome like effects. A number of cases have already arisen, clinical trials have not shown the perfect innocuousness of vaccines. In a body saturated with alpha-emitting nanoparticulates, with a mRNA vaccine for instance, when the virus comes, one alpha decay can get part of the mRNA into the virus, teaching it a new ability that makes it able to thrive in the conditions that were aimed at destroying it. Likewise in cytokine storm syndrome with a drug, the virus gets part of the drug into its RNA or DNA and learns to feed on the drug (explaining the explosive nature of CSS). With an inactivated virus the alpha decay may cause a mutation that wakes up said inactivated virus.

Professionals have to stop believing in the saint-simonism that has driven medical research until now - the Promethean nevrosis of humans believing they can thrive without nature, believing they can deal with genetic codes as blocks like masons using bricks to build walls... Many drugs of pharmaceutical labs are actually copies of natural chemical compounds taken from far away (in a jungle, in coral reefs...), reuniting with the original components instead of their synthetic copies makes for more efficient cures, but it also is an issue of individual behaviour, with the need for diets free of animal products, for a much broader information of the public on the dangers for health of alpha-emitting nanoparticulates, and hopefully a transformation of the pharmaceutical industry into other businesses (for instance purification of soils with naturally high radioactivity, extracting alpha-emitting nanoparticulates significantly improves agricultural productivity) after medicinal plants take the market space they are entitled to.

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27 December 2020
Florent Pirot
Independent researcher
Valbonne (06560) France