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Vaccinating the UK against covid-19

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An obligation on the powers that be not to repeat the errors of 2009

Dear Editor

I am grateful for the acknowledgement of Bhopal et al [1] but distinguishing the coincidental and the causal is by no means simple. In 2018 there was a discussion in these columns about the failure to detect narcolepsy as a side-effect of the Pandemrix vaccine (hurriedly deployed against the swine flu “pandemic” of 2009) following the articles by Peter Doshi and Fiona Godlee [2-5]. Nine years on the MHRA, including the current chief executive, were defensive of their inability to detect a problem [6,7] while Clifford Miller discovered as many as 178 possibly related events in the available data for the first 67 days [8]. Given the nature of passive reporting systems it is quite likely that much of the data was never passed on, perhaps even dismissed as “coincidental”. The damage was also perhaps less than it might have been because uptake was only around 10% [9].

Nor was the government quick to acknowledge the nation’s debt to those who suffered injury [10].

There is at the present time a huge obligation on the powers that be not to repeat the errors of that episode.

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03 December 2020
John Stone
UK Editor
London N22